UVTimes gets a mention!

July 15th, 2009 | Biz Blogs | 2 Comments »

Just post it’s anniversary, UVTimes has been able to find a place as a guest in Conor Kenny’s blog. Conor Kenny is a business advisor and workshop specialist in Ireland. 

He recently started an initiative of inviting Guest bloggers from all round the world and has now got a great compilation. Do checkout Conor’s blog.   

Blogging success stories!!!

July 5th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

I took a series of interviews of a few businessmen who took to Blogging. They are not Big names, they are people who are trying to make a mark. Here are excerpts of the feedback they gave about blogging – You’d be able to see how blogging has helped them in their pursuit:

+ Jodi Kaplan : Her blog started out focusing on fixing broken small business marketing, and now, she is concentrating on creative businesses serving the trade show industry (such as exhibit designers, video producers, graphic designers, and web developers). Jodi says “It has helped me to reach more people, attract more prospects, and create trust and authority. I’m building regular readers and a list of subscribers for future marketing projects.”

+ Greg Digneo :  Had a passion for small business and marketing. Over a period of time he became focused on blogging about marketing small technology companies. For him “It’s been great for PR, for getting new customers, and for meeting a variety of different people, some of whom I partner with – many of whom I keep in touch with on a monthly basis.”

+ Sue L Canfield : “It’s another tool I use also to promote my clients and their services.My focus is to educate prospects and clients with the information found at my blog and directing them back to my website. One prospect did become my client because she liked the way I wrote on my blog and that was a turning point in her deciding to use my services.”

+ Tony Blei : “I’m a photographer. Few know who I am. I thought I would write a blog that, should an agency Google me, would let them know who I was and give insight into my creative personality. But it doesn’t end there.
I’m on Twitter. I try to post relevant tweets. I read the tweets of others and one day read someone else’s blog and left a comment. The owner of the blog liked what I had to say and I referred them to my blog. They read a few things and now I am a guest blogger for Black Star Rising. By doing all of this I feel that my presence is being elevated and people will become more aware of what I can do for them.”

Have you taken up blogging yet? What’s your story?

Anniversary post!

June 28th, 2009 | Biz Blogs | 6 Comments »

[My blogging success story!]

Hey!!! It’s UVTimes anniversary today! :-)  

Over 1250 visits, 39 countries, 40 posts.  

One Job. 3 Lucrative offers. Added to my network – a few potential recruiters, business partners, mentors, lot of friends, readers and followers accross companies, accross countries.
About an year back I had decided to jump into blogging. With a flash of inspiration from within, I paid to blog.com some $25 so that I can modify UVTimes at my will. I added a lot of widgets, experimented with different themes, added content at my own pace. Initially started blogging about Technology (Ruby on Rails). But soon I realized I had ideas that can help, and I diversified UVTimes to unfold wise ideas and encourage techie chats

Also experimented with a lot of marketing strategies. I have shared some of my experiences, ideas and working startegies through my blogs. The blog has been able to help out a few people get into blogging. Helped a few others launch the blogs properly. 

Future plans:

  +  Be able to bring hundreds of people into blogging so that they can pursue the work they “love to do”. 
  +  Be able to help bloggers start in a way they get the visibility that their blogs deserve. 
  +  Be able to bring more smiles to readers through ideas, inspiration and solutions.  

A big THANKS to YOU for reading, commenting and encouraging. 

You can :

  +  Add UVTimes to your igoogle home page.
  +  Subscribe on email, using the gadget on the right. (Absolutely no spamming, your email is never shared)
  +  Just search “UVTimes” on google everytime you wanna read it. If you dont find it rush me an email. :-)  

Updated(July-1-2009) : Visitor locations provided by ClustrMaps was reset on the anniversary so I just copied the archive and inserted the image to this post.