What you can do now? – Here’s how

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After reading Seth Godin’s ‘What Matters Now‘, A group of leaders and marketers on Seth’s private network triiibes thought about bringing up a few pointers on What is the need of the hour. What can each one of us do – to bring that missing Magic in our lives.

The book “What you can do now? - Here’s how is about Action. It’s your manual for action in 2010. Choose your pick of the 30 odd entries and try to implement a thing today. You can take one each day. I bet you’d find yourself in a 5x better position after a Month.

Do feel free to download the eBook, share with your friends and leave your comments here.

Here’s to your Change and Success!!!


PS: Entry #17 is from ‘yours truly’ :-) Enjoy!!! Share!!! Comment!!!

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Blogging for absolute beginners

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Here are a few FAQs about blogging. Fortunately lot of people ask me a lot of questions about blogging and I thought it would be best if I can point them to a single post that deals with some of their concerns. Here it goes…
What is a blog?
Blog is a simple web interface where a person can add text, pictures and videos and share it with others. Various websites like blog.comwordpress.com and blogger.com provide free and paid options to host your blogs.
Why blogging?
There are plenty of reasons for why people blog. Here is a quick take on why all infopreneurs should blog.
What to blog about?
That is one of the basic questions that every newbie inspired to blog asks first. I have tried to compile a few suggestions that will help you get some direction in this regard. More
How much to blog?
Now that seems like a personal choice, and it is indeed(for some cases), but being effective and regular needs you to write pithy posts. More
Who should and ‘should not’ blog?
If you are not getting enough motivation to blog, you perhaps should just stop blogging for a while. Starting from square one, it is great idea to rethink your perspective. Why do you think you need to blog? When you say it is a personal choice, put some thought before deciding. Read this.
How to create and launch the blog for maximum benefit?
A lot of people would start worrying about readership from day one. I put one of my favorite creations on the blog and I expected a whole lot of readers. Yes there were a lot of visitors, but I could not convert them to readers. I learnt the lessons the hard way. But you can start in a much easier and more effective way.

How do I motivate myself to blog?

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If you are asking this – You Should Not Blog!

Because you don’t have your basics right yet. It’s neither your social duty to blog, nor a religious obligation and certainly doesn’t affect national interests. So don’t bother about it. Just know that it can help you in variety of ways:

1. If you are sick of your job and want to do something that you Love-to-do, Blogging can help. It’s Free and Easy. Even if you are not sure of what your passion is, Blogging can help you find that. Just try out a few things, first and observe your interest levels. Keep taking feedback from your friends and colleagues.

2. If you do not know what you love to do, blogging can help you find your passion. Blogging is a simple mode of expression. When you start expressing, you are bound to get better at it. 

3. If you want to build a brand of Yourself or your Organization blogging is an effective way. 

4. If you want to establish a business that needs you to connect with a lot of people. 

5. If you want/need to connect with people with certain specific (may be rare) skills. 

When you’d understand the importance of blogging, you’d definitely get the motivation to do it. Just like every other thing, you have to do it to learn it. And just like every other thing, the more you do it the better you’d get. You neither need heavy investment nor a huge plan. Just do it, start it now and launch it to public in a way that it helps you and your readers.    

If Playing Sports is what you love-to-do – Go out in the sun and play. Blogging is not for you. 

Evolution of a blogger!

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[Evolution of one of the most influential personalities online]

I followed Seth Godin’s posts from the blog since 2002. Yes, I read most of them. And here is what I observed - 

1. Quality - Seth’s blogging has evolved from being mundane chronicles to interesting ideas to inspirational sermons. And that simply signifies that the more you do it, the better you get. I had been looking for one-liners from his blogs for Sethisms. And to my wonder it was extremely difficult to find them in his earlier posts. There wasn’t the charisma. Infact (God save me!) I am daring to offend the god-in-seth, many posts are plain boring.  

2. Style - Those of us who admire Seth’s typical pithy blogging style should visit his March 2002 archive. One of the posts is over 4500 words. Yes you read it right. A full ten page report on a blog post. Impossible says I’m possible. 

3. Quantity - I have been wondering how does Seth manage to blog daily. That is another habit he has created over time. He used to be inconsistent (ranging from daily to fortnightly) and infrequent in his initial years.   

4. Followers - I have no stats for this one (can someone provide?), but I reckon, from the traceback counts that He didn’t start as one of the most influential blogger online. He has built it over these 7 years. 

This should take a lot of load off rookies (like me) and teach them some patience. Phew!

What we can learn from this is that the Best that we see in the world is not made in a day. Blogging is like farming. You sow the seeds of valuable content, you connect with people and nourish your readership, you protect it against spams and it’s then that you’d be able to enjoy the harvest. Happy Blogging!

Blogging success stories!!!

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I took a series of interviews of a few businessmen who took to Blogging. They are not Big names, they are people who are trying to make a mark. Here are excerpts of the feedback they gave about blogging – You’d be able to see how blogging has helped them in their pursuit:

+ Jodi Kaplan : Her blog started out focusing on fixing broken small business marketing, and now, she is concentrating on creative businesses serving the trade show industry (such as exhibit designers, video producers, graphic designers, and web developers). Jodi says “It has helped me to reach more people, attract more prospects, and create trust and authority. I’m building regular readers and a list of subscribers for future marketing projects.”

+ Greg Digneo :  Had a passion for small business and marketing. Over a period of time he became focused on blogging about marketing small technology companies. For him “It’s been great for PR, for getting new customers, and for meeting a variety of different people, some of whom I partner with – many of whom I keep in touch with on a monthly basis.”

+ Sue L Canfield : “It’s another tool I use also to promote my clients and their services.My focus is to educate prospects and clients with the information found at my blog and directing them back to my website. One prospect did become my client because she liked the way I wrote on my blog and that was a turning point in her deciding to use my services.”

+ Tony Blei : “I’m a photographer. Few know who I am. I thought I would write a blog that, should an agency Google me, would let them know who I was and give insight into my creative personality. But it doesn’t end there.
I’m on Twitter. I try to post relevant tweets. I read the tweets of others and one day read someone else’s blog and left a comment. The owner of the blog liked what I had to say and I referred them to my blog. They read a few things and now I am a guest blogger for Black Star Rising. By doing all of this I feel that my presence is being elevated and people will become more aware of what I can do for them.”

Have you taken up blogging yet? What’s your story?

Social Media Marketing Plan for IT companies

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Here are a few ideas on how an IT company can involve employees and generate content that can take Branding to another level. Use of social media tags an organization as progressive and tech-savvy. Also, it brings an organization to the notice of potential clients, potential employees, and increases credibility among both.   

1. Technical training videos on youtube: Will it hurt you if you record your internal trainings and upload the videos online. Yes, even for the use by your competition. What if they too upload a few?     

2. Blogging by all employees on Official Blogs. Blogging should be encouraged by management, everyone wants to be a CEO, and they like to do what a CEO does, so what if a CEO starts blogging?

3. Twitter and Facebook – regular updates on all new technical achievements & events. 

4. CSR – Initiatives that organization has taken up as corporate social responsibility should be highlighted via official website and blogs. Press release is no more effective as compared to blogs that are read, commented upon and trackbacked. 

5. Rejuvenate your website – If it has lots of static content that you updated an year back, you may take a call to Bring it to life

Don’t waste your hen!

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[How freshers/ job-seekers can help themselves]

Having satisfied myself with a plan I stumbled upon this extremely informative and encouraging article. I just wondered if I can set a plan for the freshers looking for a job. I can see every job seeker carrying a Hen (An MBA, MTech, B.E. degree, partially completed Academic projects, out of the world ideas and A lot of enthusiasm). I am sure that a hen can be put to various uses. 
  1. Create a poultry farm, 
  2. Sell eggs, 
  3. Sell omlette 
  4. Barter Hen with something else
  5. Cook and sell it as a chicken dish
  6. Sell Hen
  7. Consume eggs.
  8. Cook and consume the chicken dish
What are you doing with your Hen?

  1. Have you started a blog? See why? and Start today. 
  2. Are you actively building a tribe? Stop worrying, start doing – Start today. 
  3. Do you have a network(social/professional) that can really help? Build your self-brand start today. 
  4. Are you working towards your business idea, the one that stole your sleeps in college? Make a plan, start today. 
  5. Are you looking for an idea to start your own work? Here is big list of ideas, if you still can’t find one ask me

Using emails!

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[How to Win Friends and Influence people through emails?]

As I stressed in an earlier posts that Emails are extremely useful tool and should be used wisely. Here are a few ways with which you can win friends and influence people through emails. 

1. Take emails seriously. Do not write lousy ones. People often are quite conscious about their oral communication but they take emails pretty casually! An email can be as short as only the subject line. But write it effectively. Here are a few examples of subject line emails:

  Casual: ’please come to my desk asap’

  Impressive: ’NNTO: Please come to my desk ASAP’ OR 
                         “Please come to my desk ASAP.[eom]“

If you are attaching an image/ file please make sure to list the attachments in your mail (if it is not a routine one). Format the emails properly (at least use a consistent font), use subject lines, use signatures. 

2. Use emails for gathering information, getting approvals and sending information. Specially for all those things where you think a written record will help. I have seen Emails being used to track communication, years later. Sometimes it can really save your a-s-s. 

3. Use emails for networking. You can send a “Thank you”, “Birth Day”, “Seasonal Greeting” to long lost friends, foes, bosses, colleagues and potential friends, business partners, clients. Apply a little common sense to guess what email should be sent to whom. One size may not fit all. Be different in contents, looks. When someone opens your email, they should find something new (pleasing, if possible). 

4. Value addition: In oral communication it is difficult to provide value addition, they ask – you answer. In emails though, you can add a lot of value. Add an image that bolsters your content. Add URLs for reference and links for further details about the subject. Add files. Present properly, bold, bullet, highlight important points as required. 

These can go a long way in helping you present yourself as an excellent communicator. And you know very well that for any business communication is the key. It’s one of the surest way to establish yourself in the eyes of seniors/clients and of course impress a few colleagues.   

Anniversary post!

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[My blogging success story!]

Hey!!! It’s UVTimes anniversary today! :-)  

Over 1250 visits, 39 countries, 40 posts.  

One Job. 3 Lucrative offers. Added to my network – a few potential recruiters, business partners, mentors, lot of friends, readers and followers accross companies, accross countries.
About an year back I had decided to jump into blogging. With a flash of inspiration from within, I paid to blog.com some $25 so that I can modify UVTimes at my will. I added a lot of widgets, experimented with different themes, added content at my own pace. Initially started blogging about Technology (Ruby on Rails). But soon I realized I had ideas that can help, and I diversified UVTimes to unfold wise ideas and encourage techie chats

Also experimented with a lot of marketing strategies. I have shared some of my experiences, ideas and working startegies through my blogs. The blog has been able to help out a few people get into blogging. Helped a few others launch the blogs properly. 

Future plans:

  +  Be able to bring hundreds of people into blogging so that they can pursue the work they “love to do”. 
  +  Be able to help bloggers start in a way they get the visibility that their blogs deserve. 
  +  Be able to bring more smiles to readers through ideas, inspiration and solutions.  

A big THANKS to YOU for reading, commenting and encouraging. 

You can :

  +  Add UVTimes to your igoogle home page.
  +  Subscribe on email, using the gadget on the right. (Absolutely no spamming, your email is never shared)
  +  Just search “UVTimes” on google everytime you wanna read it. If you dont find it rush me an email. :-)  

Updated(July-1-2009) : Visitor locations provided by ClustrMaps was reset on the anniversary so I just copied the archive and inserted the image to this post. 

What Can I blog about?

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I don’t know how to write that word to really bring out the expanse of its meaning.
1. Anything related to the work you do – problems, solutions, facts, myths, people. 

2. Anthing related to the work you “Love to do”. 

3. Anything related to your hobbies/ liesure/ pastime/ travels/ activities/ memories. 

4. Anything related to your friends, locality, city, country, region, religion, politics, laws, films, tv, schools. 

5. Anything that is not related to any of the things I listed above. Abstract, Aliens, poems, sketches, photos, fantasies, dreams. You can even blog about blogging, or blog about not-blogging.