[How freshers/ job-seekers can help themselves]

Having satisfied myself with a plan I stumbled upon this extremely informative and encouraging article. I just wondered if I can set a plan for the freshers looking for a job. I can see every job seeker carrying a Hen (An MBA, MTech, B.E. degree, partially completed Academic projects, out of the world ideas and A lot of enthusiasm). I am sure that a hen can be put to various uses. 
  1. Create a poultry farm, 
  2. Sell eggs, 
  3. Sell omlette 
  4. Barter Hen with something else
  5. Cook and sell it as a chicken dish
  6. Sell Hen
  7. Consume eggs.
  8. Cook and consume the chicken dish
What are you doing with your Hen?

  1. Have you started a blog? See why? and Start today. 
  2. Are you actively building a tribe? Stop worrying, start doing – Start today. 
  3. Do you have a network(social/professional) that can really help? Build your self-brand start today. 
  4. Are you working towards your business idea, the one that stole your sleeps in college? Make a plan, start today. 
  5. Are you looking for an idea to start your own work? Here is big list of ideas, if you still can’t find one ask me