[Introducing the blog]

Emails: I am sure you have friends who have email-ids. Why not write a simple mail to family and friends and introduce it directly. It’s the best and surest way to get going. If you are not sure how to write an effective mail, I can do it for you absolutely free

Links: Add links to your blog in all your online profiles – Facebook, Orkut,LinkedIn, Ecademy, Hi-Five, Everywhere you can.

Personal Ads: There are plenty of places you can advertise for free. But for that you essentially need to get addictive.    

Comment: Copyblogger suggests that exquisite and meaningful comments may really help you get relevant traffic. 

Surveys: Surveys can be used to introduce your blog, get feedback and decide the future strategy/contents for your blog. Here is a brief on how you can use survey as a marketing strategy. 

Socializing: You can participate in a lot of communities relevant to your blog and be an active member there. By being an active member, I mean you have to participate in a helpful and non-promotional way. Try appreciating others work, give honest feebacks, help people solve problems, reach solutions. That way you increase your credibility and popularity on www and ofcourse traffic to your blogs. 

SEO: A lot of good content on the internet miss the eyes of search engines because they are not search-engine friendly. Now SEO is a big topic in itself, but I’d like you to understand the basic of it. Basically you should include keywords (and keyphrases) in your content which are likely to be searched by your readers. Lets say you have an automobile related blog. If you put ” yamaha v/s honda”, or “Yamaha is better than honda because”, or “Comparison yamaha and honda” in your article about yamaha and honda motor bikes you are more likely to appear is search results. Think about, what should a reader search for when your content should appear and mould your content accordingly.   

This is most likely the last part of this series on Launching a new blog. I’d love to know if these steps were helpful. And also, if I can help you any further in launching your blogs. You can subscribe on email for the latest updates.